Made Only From Organic Materials

We use all natural products for your skin care including Shea, Aloe, and other ingredients from North America, Africa, and Asia.

👸 Look Younger With Our Skincare Products. Our phytomedicinal products builds a shield of health for your body! 👸

Our Products


Sea Butter: Moistening & Blemish reducer
Coconut oil: Treats heart disease
Aloe Vera: Accelerated healing & lower blood sugar
Frankincense:  Anti-inflammatory
Myrrh: Combats pain and swelling
Hyssop: Helps digestive, internal & respiratory problems
Myrtle: Heals warts & sores
Balsam Fir: Reduces anxiety and sleeplessness
Monnga: Helps digestion and lowers blood pressure
Vitamin E: Antioxidants
Retinol: Eye & immunity cell reproduction
Hyaluronic acid: Reduces wrinkles

Vitamin C: Repairs body tissue
Collagen: Improves skin health
Peptides: Skin elasticity & clearness
Biotin: Healthy hair & nails
CoQ10: Improves heart & oxidative damage
DMAE: Reduces depression & increases motivations
Vitamin K: Prevents blood clotting & promotes healthy tissue  
Vitamin D: Healthy bones teeth & muscles
Sea Moss: Removes bacteria & improves metabolism
Bladder wrack: Regulates metabolism
Astaxanthin: Improves heart damage repair
ALA (Alpha Lipoid Acid): Creates cell energy & anti-oxidants